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B-Cycle Rider To Officer In Chase: ‘Take The Bike!’

by CBS4 | Aug 03, 2015

DENVER (CBS4) – Though not designed for speed, let alone a pursuit, Denver police utilized a bystander’s B-cycle to chase down a suspect earlier in June.

Police knew Jose Delgado, wanted on multiple felony warrants, would run when they confronted him in downtown Denver.

“He was running and he was running hard, he looked desperate,” said bystander Aaron Miripol.

Miripol was riding a B-cycle on the Cherry Creek trail when he saw Delgado run through the creek.

“As I keep riding there’s a guy running in front of me, probably 50 meters up, running across the water, and that’s when I realize that’s who they’re running after,” said Miripol.

Aaron Miripol (credit: CBS)

Aaron Miripol describes the police chase (credit: CBS)

The officers were tiring and losing ground. Miripol knew he could help.

“I said, ‘Take the bike’ … I said, ‘Take the bike.’ He’s like, ‘Are you sure?’ … I said, ‘Yeah, take it.’ And he got him!”

Delgado was trapped by the walls of the trail when officers finally caught up to him on a footbridge in Confluence Park, tackling him before he could jump back in the water.

The popular B-cycle bike program is supposed to help clean up the environment, and this case even helped clean up the streets.

Miripol said it’s a good enough example to argue for more of the rental bikes.

“If we had more of those, not to say more arrests would be made, but it would be nice to have more of those stations,” he said.

Miripol was heading home when the incident happened, which happened so fast that police were able to give his bike before he was charged for extra usage.

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