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Dozens "Bike to Breakfast" Uptown to Promote Cycling

by Nick Lawton | Aug 03, 2015
CHARLOTTE—The ringing of bells and the clicking of chains rivaled tires and car horns in Uptown Charlotte Friday as the city kicked off "Bike to Breakfast."

"Hundred people come out to ride their bikes to show that you can commute in Charlotte," said Charlotte City Councilwoman At-Large, Vi Lyles.

Residents and city leaders took to their two-wheelers en masse, promoting the beginning of the month-long "Bike! Charlotte" campaign.

"We have a real aspiration to be a city of bikes where we're adding new ways to get to work," said Michael Smith, President of Charlotte Center City Partners.

The spotlight was on cycling's benefits to people's health and air quality.
City leaders pointed out Charlotte's accessibility through bike lanes and even the B-cycle rentals.

"Take a bus in, hope on a B-cycle, ride that B-cycle, run your errands, so it is actually an extension of the transportation system," said B-cycle Executive Director Dianna Ward.

For as many strides as Charlotte has made in biking, officials also said more needs to be done to take cycling into a safer future.

"We have to continue to make it a priority, though, and add more infrastructure so it becomes easier," Smith said. "What the city's doing with the Cross-Charlotte Trail is going to be a big move because of the way that creates some of the infrastructure we already have."

A healthier option for these bikers and the city.
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